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Metro Metals USA is the sister firm of ECS.

We have heard horror stories in the industry about the liability of getting in the wrong metal and most suppliers have taken the position you tell us what you need. Metro has the ability to offer two solutions through our relationship with ECS.

  • We can look at the plans for the parts your are looking to manufacture and give you all the options and verify the metals that you need with out question.
  • We can also handle projects that you can not make and would possible just say no and pass on the opportunity. We can evaluate the project and possibly have a solution for you to profit on dead leads.

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ISO 9000 Certification and PMA Membership

Metro is in the process of becoming ISO 9000 certified and also is a member of the PMA association. You may view a letter which confirms that we are in the process of developing and implementing the appropriate and required systems to qualify for ISO 9000 Certification.

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Concierge Service For All Your Metal Needs

Metro Metals USA continues a long tradition of excellence in service, material and customer partnerships. With over 100 years of experience within the industry, our goal is to help fulfill the needs of you, the customer, with our above and beyond "Concierge Service."